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I sat to pen down regarding SQL Injection. Being the topmost finding in OWASP's top 10, the definition and description of SQL Injection and many exercises for hands-on are available online, one being PORT SWIGGGER LABS. I’ve come across SQL injection in a RUBY ON RAILS code which…

This article is just an example of Directory Traversal with a program in the GO language. For those of you who are new to Directory Traversal here it is.

Path Traversal/Directory Traversal is also known as a dot dot slash attack. The attacker takes advantage of a file path exposed…


Even though they are completely different languages one for server-side development and the other for client-side. How grateful would it be if java code executes inside javascript and vice-versa? Of course, the results would be awesome!!! Let’s get straight into the concept now. Have you heard of Nashorn ??

Basically Cross-Site scripting is injecting the malicious code into the websites on the client-side. This vulnerability normally allows an attacker to masquerade as a victim user, to carry out any actions that the user is able to perform and access any of the user’s data.

The main focus of writing…

The other day while I was on a conflict resolution call with my development team to fix security issues, the two developers started comparing the speed of the products they were developing while we are discussing the performance-related issues of the application. One developer says, “Our app runs fast if…

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